CAG Firefox/Internet Explorer Extension

The CAG Firefox/IE extension adds a toolbar to your browser which integrates in to the CAG forums. With the toolbar you have quick links to your inbox, subscribed threads, latest news from CAG, and quick links to related projects such as the Consumer Wiki and CIDB. The toolbar also features a search box for searching our forums, wiki, and the internet in general.

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---> Firefox

The latest version is 1.0, and is available here

Install the plugin by clicking the link above. Firefox will pop up a window asking you to confirm if you wish to install (the plugin will show as being 'unsigned' - you can ignore this warning). After clicking 'yes' you will need to restart Firefox.

Firefox's default security settings prevent it from installing add-ons from sites other than If the link above does not work either right click and 'save as' then go to File > Open File, or edit your options to add to the list of allowed domains. You may see a yellow bar at the top of your browser, alerting you that the installation has been blocked.

When Firefox restarts, you will see a new toolbar running horizontally across the top of the browser window

If you wish to temporarily hide the toolbar. Go to View > Toolbars and click CAG Toolbar. The plugin can be uninstalled via the Add-ons menu (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions)

---> Internet Explorer

An Internet Explorer version is now available,here

Please note that this version is still experimental, and will not be as up-to-date as the Firefox version


The toolbar is integrated into the CAG forums. If you are a registered forum user, you can benefit from this by setting your forum username and password via the 'options' menu. After entering your details, you will need to restart your browser


This section explains each of the features of the plugin.


Quick links to sections of CAG and consumer-related websites. Holding your mouse over an item will show a tooltip containing more information.


Clicking this button with open a popup window prompting you to enter your forum username and password. When these options are set, the 'Threads' and 'PMs' menus will work. You will need to restart your browser aftering setting these details.

PM Icon

An image showing the status of your PM (private message) inbox on the CAG forum.
Red: An error occured while checking for private messages. Perhaps the username/password entered are wrong, or you are not connected to the internet.
Yellow: No new private messages
Green: One or more unread private messages
Clicking the coloured icon will take you directly to your inbox.


As with the PM icon, this button relies on you having set your username and password. It shows a list of your 30 most recently subscribed-to threads. Clicking an item will take you directly to the thread


A dynamically-generated list of consumer and CAG-related news stories. Some of the links will take you to posts on the CAG forums, others to sources such as BBC News


The horizontal input box allows you to perform a web search. Clicking the 'Web Search' icon will perform a standard search of Yahoo!, while the icon labelled 'Search' allows you search a specific site. Currently only the Consumer Wiki and CAG Forums are available.


The Firefox plugin has been tested on Firefox 2.0.0.x and 3.0, but is also expected to run on all versions higher than 1.5. It has been tested on Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Linux

The Internet Explorer version has been tested on IE 6.0 + Win XP, and IE 7.0 and 8.0 on Vista


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